Deltaco 10000mAh Type-C Power Bank

USB-C (5V@3A), USB-A, FastCharge

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DELTACO Power Bank, 10000mAh, 1xUSB-C, 1xUSB Type A ho, 5-12V, 3A max, fast charging, aluminum, silver

This power bank with both USB-C and USB-A has fast charging that makes it possible for devices that support eg Quick Charge 3.0 to get the battery charged to 80% in about 35min. Power Bank has a Lithium-Ion battery 10000mAh. It is equipped with the 1 USB-C and 1 USB Type A for charging your mobile device. You can choose to charge the power bank either via USB-C or Micro USB.

• Capacity: 32Wh
• Rugged aluminum enclosure
• Lithium-Ion battery 10000mAh
• Able to charge a smartphone about 4 times on one charge
• Compatible with devices that support fast charging eg Quick Charge 3.0
• Inputs: 1xUSB-C 5V 2,1A, 1xUSB Type Micro-B, 5V ~ 9V 2A, 9V ~ 12V 1.5A
• Outputs: 1xUSB-C 5V 2,1A, 1xUSB Type A 5V ~ 6.5V 3.0A, 6.5V ~ 9V 2.0A, 9V ~ 12V 1.5A Max

Weight: 234g

Dimensions (WxDxH): 69x144x15mm

Package includes: Power Bank, USB Cable Type A - Type Micro-B

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