Blue Microphones Snowball USB Microphone

iCE USB Cardioid Mic (Glossy White)

Varenr: 134846
Alt. varenr: 1974
4 stk. på lager

Versatile USB microphone with HD audio

It's never been easier to get high quality audio with your computer! Home, office, anywhere — the Snowball iCE USB microphone delivers audio quality that's light years ahead of your computer's built-in microphone. Its custom condenser capsule with cardioid pattern offers crystal clear audio for communicating, creating,and recording. Also plug n' play for PC and Mac, Snowball iCE requires no drivers.

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  • Custom condenser capsule offers crystal clear audio
  • Easy plug 'n play directly to Mac or PC – no drivers to install
  • Adjustable desktop mic stand and USB cable
  • From desktop to laptop to iPad (with Apple's iPad Camera Connection Kit)
  • Adds HD audio to recordings for YouTube, SoundCloud or Myspace
  • Improves audio quality on Skype, Windows Live, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger
  • Records instruments, vocals or bands
  • Creates podcasts and adds narration to your home movies


Produkttype Mikrofon
Anbefalt bruk Computer
Produsentens varenr. 1974
Produsentens garanti (md.) 24
Vekt m/emballasje 0.98 kg


Type Ekstern
Mikrofonteknologi Electret-kondensator
Overføringsteknologi Kablet
Lydinngangsdetaljer Kardioid


Koplingstype USB


Tilleggsutstyr inkludert Tripod
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