AquaComputer strømningssensor

"high flow" G1/4 for Aquaero

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Aqua Computer flow sensors are easily integrated into your water cooling loop and allow continuous flow monitoring. Due to its low flow resistance, this sensor is a perfect match for high flow water cooling systems. Furthermore, being manufactured from high quality materials such as Delrin and stainless steel sets the sensor apart from most other rather optically unattractive flow sensors. Having two identical nozzles, the flow direction can be freely chosen and the G 1/4 threads can be used with virtuelly any tube dimensions. The base part also has four M3 threads to be easily attached to the PC case. The sensor is accurate up from approximately 40 l/h up to 1500 l/h (approximately 10 to 400 US liquid gallons per hour) and is therefore perfectly suited for most water cooling systems.

Please take care to input the calibration value of 169 impulses per liter!

Compatibility list:
aquaero 6 XT / PRO / LT (53145, 53146, 53206, 53234)
aquaero 5 XT / PRO / LT (53089, 53090, 53095, 53125)
aquaero 4.00 / 3.07 (53030, 53031, 53035, 53045, 53048, 53064, 53075, 53076)
aquastream ULTIMATE (41108)
aquastream XT (41059, 41060, 41061)
poweradjust 3 (53166, 53167)
poweradjust 2 (53082, 53083)
poweradjust (53049, 53054)
aquaduct 240 Pro mark III (11213)
aquaduct 360 eco+ (11212, 11233)

Scope of delivery:
One flow sensor

Technical details:
Dimensions without fittings and without cables: approx. 53 x 50 x 39 mm
Connection threads G 1/4, fittings not included!
Mounting threads: 4x M3, rectangularly arranged at intervals 35 x 44 mm
Additional components are required (see compatibility list) as well as a suitable connection cable (see art. no. 53027), these are not included in delivery!
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