DELTACO Hard drive caddy 2.5"

9,5 mm, SlimlineCD

Varenr: 142376
Alt. varenr: RAM-35
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Hard drive caddy for you who never uses the DVD-reader mounted in your laptop and instead wants this space to ad another 2.5" hard drive. Four silicon plugs that's included are mounted in the screw holes on the hard drive, then the HDD is installed in the caddy. Inside the caddy there is an EVA-pillow that fills the gap between the HDD and the caddy to further reduce the vibrations from the HDD:

In the left corner (seen from the front of the caddy when installing) you will find two DIP-switches, these are used to ensure compatibility with your laptop, this is done before mounting the caddy, more information is found on the back of the box and in the table below:
• A+C = HP
• A+D = Sony
• B+D = IBM, Lenovo and Apple
• B+C = Dell & others

Front cover to ensure stylish finish after mounting, also a screw driver to help remove the slimCD/DVD-reader mounted in your laptop is included.

The hard drive in the images are for illustration purposes only

• Fits 2.5" hard drives with a max height of 9.5mm

Weight: 69g

Dimensions(WxDxH): 127x126x10.5mm

Package contents: 1xRAM-35 HDD caddy, front cover, screw driver, plastic tool for removing front cover and silicon plugs.

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