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DG Optisk Gaming-mus, RGB, Glossy White

1000Hz, PMW 3325 Sensor, 400-5000DPI

Varenr: 145981
Alt. varenr: GAM-085-W
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DELTACO GAMING optical mouse, RGB, PMW 3325 sensor, 5000 DPI, 1000 Hz, 1.8m cable, USB, glossy white

Another RGB mouse from us at DELTACO GAMING. This time we have chosen an ambidextrous design so suit both left handed and right handed gamers, which fits our motto "Gaming is for everyone"

On each side of the mouse you have LED loops that can illuminate in 9 different RGB modes as well as a completely switched off mode. The surface finish of this RGB mouse has a "glossy" finish, to give it its own look and allow the RGB lighting to blend in more beautifully. The scroll wheel and DELTACO GAMING logo light up in different colors depending on the DPI setting that is active. To adjust between the RGB modes, press the scroll wheel and then right-click to select from the modes.

The software to control the RGB lighting can be found at: https://www.deltaco.se/sites/cdn/DriversLibrary/GAM-085/GAM-085.zip

• LED modes:
  9 rolling RGB modes
  1 Position without lighting
• USB polling rate: 1000Hz
• Sensor: PMW 3325 Sensor
• Huano switch, up to 10 million clicks
• 1.85m fabric covered USB cable
• 400/800/1200/1600/3200/5000 DPI

Package Contents: DELTACO GAMING RGB Optical Glossy gaming mouse.

Dimensions (WxDxH): 64x126x40mm Weight without cable: 103g



Bevegelsesoppløsning5000 dpi
Bredde6.4 cm
Dybde12.6 cm
EgenskaperBelyst rullehjul, RGB LED-bakgrunnslys, belyst logo, HUANO switches
Grensesnitt1 x USB - 4-pins USB type A
Høyde4 cm
Kabellengde1.85 m
OrienteringHøyre- og venstrehåndet
Vekt103 g
YtelseAvspørringsfart: 1000 Hz, 10 million clicks, realtime sensitivity switching 400/800/1200/1600/3200/5000 dpi
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