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DELTACO OFFICE Cable Management Spine

Quad Entry Vertebrae,weighted base,black

Varenr: 147109
Alt. varenr: DELO-0203
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Keep a neat and clean look on and under your desk with DELO-0203 from DELTACO OFFICE, by hiding all cables in this elegant 4-channel cable management spine with weighted base for extra stability. Compatible with most desks, including height adjustable. The spine can be adjusted and flexed to effectively keep your cables organized and out of sight, route your cables from the floor to the desk safely with strain relief. The spine consists of 30 detachable vertebrae which are divided into 4 sections, so you can pair your cables by type or function. The smart design allows the backbone to expand or contract with your height / adjustable desk. The metal base plate adds extra weight and stability to reduce the free movement when using a height-adjustable desk.

• Quick & easy installation
• Weighted base in metal for extra stability
• Quad-channel vertebrae, allows segregation by type or function
• Organize your cables out of sight whilst protecting them from wear and tear
• Modular spine structure: allows users to add or remove individual vertebrae quickly and easily

Package contents: Cable management spine, installation accessories and manual

Dimensions: (WxDxH) 1300 x 67 x 35 mm

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