Deionized Water for PCBs

5 liter, Jerrycan

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Product Details

De-ionised Water

De-ionised water from RS PRO. This de-ionised water is the final rinse or polish to circuit board or assemblies that have been cleaned with safe wash. Once your PCBs or electronic equipment has been cleaned using aqueous cleaner and rinsed in tap water the de-ionised water is perfect to finish off the thorough cleaning leaving behind a clean dry surface with no residues. It is recommended to pour this solution into a spray bottle but the 5l jerry can is great protection making it much harder for the de-ionised water to become contaminated as the plastic jerry can will protect the water from heavy duty / rough working environments.

Where can you use the de-ionised water?

De ionised water can be used for a wide range of applications such as:-
• PCBs (printed circuit boards)
• Electronic equipment
• Empty pumps
• Trigger / adjustable nozzle aerosols
• Container which allows aerosol

Tips on using the de-ionised water

It is not advisable to use this de-ionised water in a container and immerse the assembly or board, as the water may quickly become contaminated with salts from tap water or even un-rinsed residues from the initial cleaning process. Hold the PCB or assembly at approx. 45°. Spray the de-ionised generously onto the assembly and allow this to run down the board. The PCB may be quickly dried using an air duster.

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