Wolfson Audio Card for Raspberry Pi

4.5mW Power DAC

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Audio Card purposely made for the Raspberry Pi to Enable HD Audio Capture and Playback

The Wolfson Audio Card, produced in collaboration with Wolfson, the premier mixed-signal semiconductor and audio solutions company, offers Raspberry Pi® users similar flexibility to a PC soundcard to capture audio alongside their camera, and experiment with stereo digital capture and playback. Currently the Raspberry Pi, whilst being equipped with audio capability, is limited in a number of ways.The limitations are purposeful, in order to keep Raspberry Pi at a low price point. This audio card then offers multiple types of input sources and outputs.

*Play back High Definition audio files on the Raspberry Pi
*Stereo Line in and Line Out ports to connect to your system for sound playback & recording on the Pi
*Build a VOIP conference phone for your Pi using the Wolfson Audio Card
*Connect a boom microphone and headset to make hands-free calls using VOIP telephony
*Record High Definition audio using any of the microphones or line-in ports
*Voice activate your Pi - onboard stereo digital microphones makes this the perfect solution
*Connect the Raspberry Pi to the cloud and play your music anywhere around the house
*Develop and play online games with your friends that allow in-game audio via a gaming headset
*On-board class D power amplifier for external speakers, with connection to external power source
*Small pin header for extra functions if they are low cost and don't require any further components
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