Arduino Ethernet shield 2 without POE

W5500 ethernet chip

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Arduino Ethernet Shield 2 with/without PoE

The Arduino Ethernet Shield 2 comes in 2 versions: one with PoE (137173) and one without PoE (137172). The shields have been designed to integrate rapid internet connection into designs that use Arduino boards. Other shields can be stacked right on top of the ethernet shield, allowing for optimum functionality integration in designs. Both shields feature the Wiznet W5500 ethernet chip that provide an IP stack that supports TCP and UDP protocols. The W5500 also supports up to 8 socket connections at once.

How is version 2 different to previous versions?
Version 2 features an on-board microSD card slot as a pose to a standard size SD card.The upgraded version 2 also has a higher Arduino board compatibility — the previous version does not support the Mega board.

What do I need to use this version 2 shield?
All you need is an Arduino board, a 5 V operating voltage (this will come from the Arduino board), an ethernet controller, 10/100 Mb connection speed and and connection with an Arduino via an SPI port.

Features & Benefits of the Ethernet Shield 2
•W5500 ethernet chip
•Dimensions: 2.7 x 2.1 ins
•MicroSD card slot/card reader
•Re-set controller
•RJ45 ethernet jack
•5 status LEDs
You can download the new Arduino IDE at arduino.org/downloads

AVR Microcontrollers, Atmel

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