ZENS Qi Wireless Portable Speaker

Portable speaker, black

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Listen to music and wirelessly charge any supported smartphone with this convenient and stylish ZENS Qi Wireless Portable Bluetooth Audio Speaker.


Amazing product that combines Qi wireless charging with a portable Bluetooth speaker.

  • The ZENS speaker allows you to wirelessly stream music through any Bluetooth enabled device.
  • Features a built in 4.500 mAh battery for longer playback time.
  • The ZENS Bluetooth speaker features two 5 watt speakers for exceptional sound.
  • If you own an NFC compatible device, you can easily tap-to-pair it to the ZENS Bluetooth speaker and Qi wireless charger.

Product description

Wirelessly charge any Qi enabled smartphone

With a sleek, ultra slim design the ZENS speaker is a fantastic space saving way to charge your phone. Designed for quick and intuitive charging, this charging pad allows you to charge any QI enabled smartphone without the mess of charging cables. The speaker is powered by USB which makes it ideal for use in the home or office but also on the go. The small size and USB connectivity make it a great portable wireless charger.

Compatible with other ZENS Qi Battery Covers and Flip cases

ZENS wireless charging pads are manufactured to Qi standard. Qi is the sign of interoperability between power transmitters and power receivers. This means that if your phone doesn’t have built in wireless charging you can use one of our Qi solutions for the Apple iPhone 4/4S and different Samsung Galaxy smartphones to convert your phone to wireless charging supported by this ZENS speaker.


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