Inverter, 74LVC1G04, 1.65V -> 5.5V 10stk

10 stk, 1 Input, 32 mA, SOT-23-5

Varenr: 142188
Alt. varenr: SN74LVC1G04DBVR
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The SN74LVC1G04DBVR is a single inverter gate IC, designed for 1.65 to 5.5V VCC operation. The device performs the Boolean function Y = A. The CMOS device has high output drive while maintaining low static power dissipation over a broad VCC operating range.
  • Supports 5V VCC Operation
  • Input Accepts Voltage up to 5.5V Allowing Down Translation to VCC
  • 3.3ns at 3.3V Maximum Propagation Delay Time
  • Low-power Consumption, 10µA Maximum ICC
  • ±24mA Output Drive at 3.3V
  • Ioff Supports Live-insertion, Partial-power-down Mode and Back-drive Protection
  • Latch-up Performance Exceeds 100mA Per JESD 78, Class II
  • Green Product, No Sb/Br


Signal Processing, Portable Devices, Consumer Electronics, Computers & Computer Peripherals, Audio, Power Management, Wireless, Communications & Networking


Device has limited built-in ESD protection, leads should be shorted together or the device placed in conductive foam during storage or handling to prevent electrostatic damage to the MOS gates.
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