FUJITSU USB Port Replikator PRO7

4xUSB, Lan, mic in/stereo ut, DVI-I

Varenr: 116935
Alt. varenr: S26391-F6007-L300
1 stk. på lager i butikk og på nett
m/DVI til VGA-adapter
Designet for  Fujitsu M2010; ESPRIMO Mobile D9500, D9510, M9400, M9410, M9415, U9200, U9210, U9215, V5505, V5545, V6505, V6535, V6545, V6555, X9510, X9515, X9515 proGREEN, X9525; LIFEBOOK A550, AH530, AH550, NH570, P3110, P8110; Stylistic Q550
-Higher resolution for external display through DisplayLink chip: DL195LAN support with Ethernet connection.
-Stereo out & Microphone In port lets you connect 2.1 stereo speakers or Internet chat headsets.
Flexibility, expandability, desktop replacement, investment protection – to name just a few benefits of Fujitsu docking options.Our Port Replicators are the perfect docking solutions for the AMILO Pro Series, ESPRIMO Mobile Series, LIFEBOOK Series and CELSIUS Mobile workstation - our professional notebooks - to simplify your mobile life. In the office or at home it takes just a second to attach your notebook to the Port Replicator and get connected to your external display, keyboard and mouse, for example. Your workplace is simple and tidy while you are ready to work with your notebook.
-Gain instant access to your keyboard, monitor, mouse and all peripherals with one USB plug.
-Plug-n-play and hot pluggable, so you can connect to the dock and swap devices without shutting down.
-Leave your peripherals plugged into the Port Replicator and turn your notebook into a real desktop.
-DualView lets you expand your work area across your notebook screen and an external monitor.
-Mini tower design reduces desktop footprint.
-Front USB port makes connections quick and easy.
-High quality and stability.
-Everything you need from one source.
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