Orico USB-C docking, 4K HDMI, GbLan,DEMO

3xUSB3.0, 1x USB-C PD (12V), Mic&Audio

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Aluminum storage docking station

With Type-C + 4K HDMI + Gigabit Ethernet +Type-C PD interfaces, bring more conveniences to the Type-C host users.

Type-C tech pioneer

As an 8-year veteran peripherals manufacturer, ORICO has been at the forefront of technology. We take 3 months of careful research and development to bring trendy cool docking station to the digital lovers.

Cool storage function, desktop art

With innovative stand design, high-profile interfaces, trendy Type-C port. A professional desktop extension artware.

Adjust the thickness freely

Can adjust the thickness of the storage docking station from one side of it, loosen two screws to move the aluminum box. Support notebook with thickness of 28mm. There is non-slip rubber on two sides and bottom of the aluminum block to avoid accidental scratches.

Aluminum texture, as good as Mac

With aerospace aluminum-magnesium alloy and anodized surface, fully absorb the essence of Apple style. Innovative design, can perfectly match with Mac computer.

DC 12V interface or Type-C PD interface, two charging choices

1.Match with desktop/notebook without PD function, you can choose DC 12V interface.
2.Match with notebook with PD function, you can connect the original charger of notebook, or the charger supporting Type-C PD with the Type-C interface by a data cable to reversely charge the notebook.

HDMI-4K HD resolution input

Nowadays, many products, such as Samsung curved 4K SUHD, LG EG9900 4K curved OLED, Sony XBR-X900C series, Sling TV, have regarded 4K resolution as the standardized resolution. 4K HDMI Input brings you high-definition resolution.

Extension hub

High-profile interface.
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