Ducky - Shine 7 Cherry Brown RGB

Cherry MX Brown, Nordic Layout

Varenr: 145110
Alt. varenr: DKSH1808ST-BFIPDAHT1
2 190,-
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Zinc Alloy Top Case
Three times stronger than aluminum

Dynamic Bezel Design
A new cutting edge design fitted for you

PBT Double-shot Seamless Keycaps
Durable & provides exceptional typing experience
German CHERRY MX Key Switches
Reliable performance

Keyboard Indicator Lights
To alert you when Number lock, Caps lock,
Scroll lock & Mouse Functions are on

Diversified LED Lighting Effects
Multitude of lighting effects New Equalizer(EQ),
Alpha & Tetris lighting modes Customizable RGB color & speed Will support Razer Chroma Broadcast

- Zinc Alloy top case, three times stronger than aluminum
- Brand new design
- Premium build quality
- PBT Double-shot seamless keycaps
- German made Cherry MX key switches
- 3 level adjustable feet
- Detachable USB Type-C cable
- Dual layer PCB
- Supported by Ducky’s newest RGB software
- RGB backlighting
- Brand new RGB backlight modes
- Supports Ducky Macro 2.0, the most powerful hardware available in the market
- Made in Taiwan

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