Blue Jeans HDMI kabel Series-FE 3,6m

- støtter 4Kx2K, 3D, 1080p

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Alt. varenr: BJC-FE12
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Series-FE Facts:

 Premium HDMI Cable HDMI 2.0

BJC Belden Bonded-Pair HDMI Cable:
HDMI is a fragile interface, not least because of the difficulties of manufacturing twisted-pair HDMI cable to the fine tolerances required to handle the extraordinary bandwidth requirements of the HDMI signal. To overcome those difficulties, we sought the help of Belden, the world's technology leader in communications cable products, and we asked Belden to use its patented, exclusive Bonded-Pair technology to build us an HDMI cable with extraordinary impedance stability and low skew. The result is a pair of products: the BJC Series-1 23.5 AWG HDMI Cable, and the BJC Series-FE 28 AWG HDMI Cable. These are the only HDMI cables on the market incorporating bonded-pair technology.


BJC Belden Series-FE HDMI Cable: a Triumph Over the Limits of Wire Gage

For short runs, our recommended cable is the Series-FE. If you've read much about HDMI cable online, you know that most manufacturers use wire gage as their primary indicator of quality, because in the absence of any other measure of cable quality, people tend to assume that larger-gage cable will perform better than smaller-gage cable. This is clearly true for power applications like speaker cable; it's really not as meaningful for high-speed data applications like HDMI, where signal integrity is more important than mere signal amplitude. The Series FE brings Belden's bonded-pair technology, with its low skew and tight impedance control, to small-gage cable and significantly outperform conventional twisted-pair designs. These cables, though made in 28 AWG and therefore quite thin and flexible, are certified under Category 2 ("high-speed") to 15 feet, considerably longer than any other 28 AWG HDMI cable, and to 25 feet in Category 1. While a larger HDMI cable of the same design (our Series-1, below) will outperform it in distance runs, when extreme distance is not required the Series-FE will provide identical performance to the much heavier, stiffer, larger-gage HDMI cable, without the difficulty of bending and fitting that the larger HDMI cable can present. The Series FE is rated CM for in-wall installation (higher than the typical CL2 or CL3). View our full spec sheet for this product.


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