Okdo, E1 Evaluation Board

LPC55S69 640kbyte flash microcontroller

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Alt. varenr: OKLPC5569R0-EVB
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The OKdo E1 is an ultra-low-cost Evaluation Board, in a low-profile outline, based on the NXP LPC55S69 dual-core Cortex® M33 microcontroller, highlighting benefits of the LPC55 core. It allows users to explore and understand features of the device to be deployed in their applications.
The E1 board makes use of the MCUXpresso IDE development environment downloadable free-of-charge from NXP, supporting Linux, MacOS and Windows 10 Operating Systems. The E1 board is supported with drivers, application software and examples to allow users to get projects underway quickly by downloading the LPCXpresso55S69 SDK.
The board comes with a QSG to walk the user through the necessary steps of building an SDK, running through the IDE with an example, going through the debug process and loading an image onto the LP55, making it fully functional with development environment configured and ready to explore examples.


• LPC55S69 640kbyte flash microcontroller
• In-built CMSIS-DAP v1.0.7 debugger based on LPC11U35
• 16MHz crystal with PLL to 100 MHz
• 32kHz crystal for real-time clock
• 4 user switches
• 3-colour LED
• User USB connector
• 2-off 16-way expansion connectors
• UART over USB virtual COM port

The featured member of the LPC5500 series of microcontrollers highlights product architecture enhancements, greater integration and advanced security. With 755 CoreMarks and low energy use (~ 32 µA/MHz), the LPC5500 brings new levels of performance efficiency, a requisite for IoT and industrial applications.
The E1 board is perfect for Industrial IoT, building control and automation, consumer electronics, general embedded and secure applications.

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