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Pi Supply Flick HAT White'n'Orange Case

For Pi & Flick Gesturing Hat

Varenr: 143251
Alt. varenr: Flick HAT Case
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Kabinett skreddersydd for å huse Raspberry Pi (fullsize-hovedkort) med en Flick HAT!

Mer om Pi Supply Flick HAT for Raspberry Pi:

Pi Supply Flick HAT is an add-on board which slots directly onto your Raspberry Pi, enabling you to add 3D tracking and gesture functionalities.
Flick boards integrate perfectly into your Raspberry Pi project, providing new methods of control through gesture and touch. You can even hide your Flick project behind a non-conductive material. Using near field gesture technology, it still detects gestures from up to 10cm away, within a 3D area. Meaning you could swipe your hand, tap your finger or draw a shape, and the Flick HAT it will track it for you.
Flick boards are plug-and play so you can get up and running within minutes. Pi Supply offer software libraries to show you what is possible and help get your project started. With Flick you can control computers, TVs, music systems, and so on. 

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