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Raspberry Pi Zero Mounting Plate, Basic

for High Quality Camera

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An affordable, simple solution to mounting your Raspberry Pi to your Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera .

Easy to assemble, the plate attaches to your High Quality Camera on one side, and your Raspberry Pi mounts to the other side – spacers and fixings are included in the pack.

Available for different Raspberry Pi models in standard or Pro versions!

Please note: Simple assembly required. Please see the assembly guide

Pro versions come in black and feature a bubble spirit level for a perfectly aligned shot, plus a handy thumb section for easy adjustment and smooth rotation. The thumb section can be set up for left or right-handed users - just flip the plate (SD access may be impacted when flipped)!

It’s a lightweight and minimal way to keep your Raspberry Pi and High Quality Camera together, which saves any fuss with camera cable lengths and cases.

HATs and pHATs can still be mounted to your Raspberry Pi, meaning you can create amazing projects with screens, buttons, RTCs or any others from our selection!

Combine with our affordable flexible tripod  for a great project foundation!

Note: The Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera  and flexible tripod  not included)

 Kit contents:

  • 1x Mount plate
  • 4x 6mm female-female nylon spacers
  • 8x M2.5 nylon nuts
  • 8x 5mm M2.5 nylon screws
  • 4x 10mm M2.5 nylon screws
  • PRO versions only:
    • Bubble level
    • 2x 8mm M2.5 nylon screws
    • 2x M2.5 nylon nuts


Assembly guide available here!

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