iDiskk 4 in 1 micro-SD/SDHC card reader

Lightning, USB-C, microUSB, USB-A, MFi

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Alt. varenr: iDiskk-4in1
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iDiskk 4 in 1 micro-SD/SDHC card reader, Lightning, USB-C, USB Type Micro-B, USB Type-A, MFi, silver

iDissk presents to you a very multifunctional micro-SD/SDHC card reader. With four ports there is no limit to which unit this card reader can be connected to. You ha a Lightning-connector for iPhone users, an USB-C connector for the new Apple MacBooks and other PC/Android units, aswell as an USB Type Micro-B for most other Android/Windows smartphones/tablets, and an USB Type A port for computers.

Inside of the USB-Type A connector is where the real magic is, this connector has an integrated micro-SD/SDHC card reader, this is what makes this quadruple-connector a card reader. This ensures that you may transfer data from any device to any device making it perfect for a family where different units with different OS may exist.

Also for iOS users there is an application that brings even more features, for mor information about the app, please visit Apples App Store

  • USB-C
  • USB Type Micro-B
  • USB Type A
  • Lightning
  • MFi
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