L33T GAMING E-Sport Gaming Chair

Adjustable pro 4D armrests, black/red

Varenr: 145382
Alt. varenr: CP-RE01
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E-SPORT is a premium quality gaming chair, from top to bottom. Built for maximum performance when it really counts – and crammed with professional features such as: cold molded foam in seat and backrest with ergonomic shape. Lumbar and neck cushions.

No more aching arms – these solid and must-have 4D armrests provide increased comfort and both vertical and horizontal arm adjustment. Durable PU leather with extra strong harlequin patterned friction surface on both the backrest and seat. A professional belt support in the back/seat, and an ultra powerful lift helps make the E-SPORT a real pleasure to sit in – and a must-have kit for the E-sport gamer.

Technical Specifications:
• Ergonomic cold molded foaming
• Pro pressure-relieving belts in seat & backrest
• Racer seat design with cool precision stitching
• Adjustable pro 4D armrests
• Adjustable high quality neck & lumbar cushions
• Ultra strong 16mm carbon steel framing
• Thick durable PU leather
• Tilt & rocking mechanism
• 180 degree recline
• Ultra strong class 4 lift

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