Knox USB&XLR Recording Microphone, Svart

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Why Cardioid Matters

This Knox microphone features a "Cardioid Polar Pattern".

A technical term that simply menas it "hears" only what's right in front of it. Any sound from the side or rear is rejected.

This matters in appications like video chats, podcasting and singing, to name a few. Even in group podcasting scenarios, this microphone shines because ambient noise and feedback are drastically reduced.

Maximum Compatibility w/ XLR & USB

With XLR & USB connections, this microphone is perfect for nearly any type of audio situation.

Connect it to your computer via USB to:
  • Chat with teammates while gaming online
  • Talk to friends & family via Skype
  • Record audio directly into your favorite audio app

The XLR plug allows for professional use with:
  • Standard preamps
  • PA systems
  • Mixers

Durable All-Metal Construction

The interior components of microphones are delicate, and even slight impacts can potentially cause damage.

In order to protect the electronics, the body and the windscreen are made of solid metal.

So even if your awesomeness requires multiple mic drops, the Knox Cardiod mic can take it.

Built-in Headphone Jack for Live Monitoring

When recording, it's essential to know the quality of your voice without latency.

The headphone jack on the Knox Cardioid Microphone does exactly that.

Hear your voice and adjust it on the fly for a professional-quality recording or podcast episode.

Included Stand Eliminates Vibration

The slightest vibration can lead to audible bumps and thuds that can ruin an otherwise perfect recording.

To prevent this from happening, the Knox Cardioid Microphone includes a tripod stand with rubber feet that dampens vibrations and prevents unwanted noise.

It also makes it convenient to use hands-free right out of the box!


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