Club3D USB-C to HDMI 2.0a adapter (4K)

4K60Hz, UHD Active Adapter

Varenr: 138375
Alt. varenr: CAC-1504
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The Club 3D CAC-1504 is an active HDMI signal converter, USB-C to HDMI 2.0 Adapter easily converts a USB-C port(also know as type -C) into a HDMI output. The HDMI adapter is compact and highly portable.


  • Reversible USB 3.1 Type-C connector
  • Compliant to DisplayPort Specification 1.2 for up to 17.28 Gbps data rate
  • Compliant to HDMI 1.4a for up 10.2Gbps data rate
  • Repeater for HDCP 1.3
  • Supports 3D Video format up 1080 at120Hz
  • Support Monitor resolutions up 3840 X 2160 at60Hz


Club 3D finally offers a solution for people who want to connect their PC to an Ultra HD TV, but don't have a modern graphics card with an HDMI 2.0 output. This group of users will mostly consist of users with an AMD card, since these have support DisplayPort 1.2 for a long time, but not HDMI 2.0 - even the relatively new Fury GPUs don't. If you're an Nvidia user you'll need at least a Maxwell card, with Intel you need at least Skylake.

The adapter has shown to work exceptionally well with the various HDMI 2.0 televisions and monitors. That's pretty much the only thing you can really expect from these adapters: converting a DisplayPort signal to the newest HDMI standard is done without any problems whatsoever. We also didn't notice any input lag. The prices of these adapters is also not too bad.

Do you have a graphics card that supports DisplayPort 1.2, but no HDMI 2.0 and do you want to connect it to a 4K TV? These adapters are the solution you're looking for. Since Club 3D is the first to release adapters like this.



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