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Raspberry Pi NOOBS (16GB)

16GB MicroSD w/SD adapter

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NOOBs is the fastest way to get the various operating systems for your Raspberry Pi. This 16GB Micro SD card can boot multiple operating systems, allowing quick and easy set-up of your Raspberry Pi.

Følg denne guiden for å legge inn Noobs på minnekortet: https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/installation/noobs.md


Raspberry Pi New Out Of Box Software (NOOBS) microSD Card and SD Card Adapter


The latest version of NOOBS has been upgraded to enhance performance and user experience, using the Debian Jessie version of the Raspbian operating system. 

As the Raspberry Pi was created to educate children about computing and programming, it was important to make it easy to set up. New Out Of Box Software (NOOBS) helps you set up your Pi and is available pre-installed on a microSD flash memory card, which also doubles up as an SD card adaptor. To get started, connect your Pi to a keyboard, mouse, power supply and screen and place the NOOBS card into the microSD card slot. Your next step is to install the operating system that you would like to use on your Pi.

What operating systems can I install on NOOBS?
•Raspbian (recommended)
•Arch Linux

What changes can I see in the Debian Jessie upgrade?
Debian Jessie has been developed to better cater for all Pi users. This sees the addition of Microsoft Office compatible LibreOffice Suite, Claws Mail email client, BlueJ & Greenfoot (for Java writing) and upgrades on Epiphany browser, Scratch and Sonic Pi.

Other changes include;
•Eject icon — to eject USB drives without losing data
•Boots to desktop GUI rather than the command line (although booting to the command line is still possible)
•MagPi (official Pi magazine) web link
•Support for newer Pi add-ons such as the Astro Pi
•Ability to take screen shots of the Pi
•GPIO control without using sudo
•Bug fixes
•Auto detect of commonly used keyboards

For more Debian Jessie information;

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