ORICO 2 Port USB3.1 PCI-E Adapter

PCIe-x4, 1x USB3.1 & 1x USB Type-C

Varenr: 137924
Alt. varenr: PA31-AC
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ORICO 2 Port USB3.1 PCI-E Adapter (PA31-AC)

  • Product Specification:

    • OutputPortUSB3.1 Type-A x 1, USB3.1 Type-C x 1
    • Input PortPCI-E
    • Dimension125 x 85 x 18.5mm
    • Data Transfer Rate10 Gbps (Theoretical)
    • Supported SystemWindows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP, Linux or Mac OS X 10.2 and above

        USB3.1 high performance for host computer
        SuperSpeed+ transmission

        Since Apple, Intel, ASMedia and MSI designed 10 Gbps interfaces for high-end hosts, ORICO PA31 came out to expand dual USB3.1 for your hosts, twice as fast as USB3.0 and backwards compatible with USB3.0 / 2.0.

        Expand two interfaces
        Meet more requirements

        Expand two ports through PCI Express slot; support USB port of motherboard 1 to 2 expansion and two devices can operate simultaneously, compatible with existing USB devices.

        Type-C prior to the era
        Reversible design

        Reversible Type-C port helps you insert the connector in a right way all the time, easy and convenient.

        New upgraded main controller
        Speed it up

        Built-in ASM controller supports SuperSpeed+ USB3.1 transmission which provides faster speed for interface, bringing you amazing transfer effect and data processing.

        All solid-state capacitor, superior material
        Stable operation, low consumption

        Product adopts all solid-state capacitor, environment-friendly and low-impedance, is equipped with high-quality electronic components and metallic baffle. 4-layer PCB improves jamproof ability of product and stability of data transfer.

        Hot-swapping supported, instant start

        Install in PCI Express slot of case; support hot-swapping and instant start; easy to replace different devices without turning down the system.

        15PIN powerful port

        Equipped with SATA 15PIN power port, which provides strong power after plugging the power cord of computer, compatible with most of chassis power, adequate and stable.
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