QPAD DX 30 FPS Gamig Mouse

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Alt. varenr: 9J.Q4B88.M01
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QPAD®|DX30 -3.000 dpi FPS Gaming Mouse

  • Designed for the right-handed use with perfect grip due to it’s softtouch-surface.
  • The simple and lightweight design gives you perfect control and quick response.
  • Great comfort and incredibly ergonomic shape – optimized for long gaming sessions.
  • Plug and play, without any drivers, easy to install.
  • Professional pixel precise DPI settings due to it’s great ADNS-5050 high end gaming sensor (adjustable DPI modes: 500/1,000/1,500/2,000/2,400/2,800).
  • Integrated DPI button to switch fast between different DPI modes.
  • USB polling rate up to 1,000 Hz ultrapolling (adjustable polling rates: 125/500/1000 Hz).
  • RGB multi-effect LED lighting with three different lighting modes: Neon, Breath and Static ,the colors would change with different DPI stage.
  • Provides the most sensitive and reliable Omron micro-switch.
  • 8m braided cable for long lifetime & golden plated USB plug for ultra fast response.
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