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Totally modular, delivering both flexibility and performance in one attachable microphone
Select between noise canceling and studio recording modes with the flick of a switch
With two cables measuring 1m & 2m, and separate mute switch module, configure your ModMic to suit your needs
Included cable wraps offer an elegant appearance keeping both headphones and mic cords in line
Standard 3.5mm jack for immediate plug & play on a PC; available adapters for Mac, PS4 and Xbox 1 consoles
Patented design allows you to easily attach or remove this boom microphone to any pair of headphones
Product Description

The ModMic 5 introduces a premiere experience in an attachable boom microphone. For starters, the ModMic 5 delivers more flexibility and outstanding performance all in one. With a simple flick of a switch, you can select your choice of built-in mics for the best results in your environment. Choose the noise-canceling cardioid capsule for best results in loud environments, or the studio quality omni-directional capsule when you?re in a controlled environment. You can also enjoy the options of the modular cable system and included cable wraps. Patented design. Improved communication. Fantastic audio experience. That?s the ModMic.

Exceptional Audio
ModMic 5 provides your choice of built-in microphones in one device. With a single switch, choose the noise canceling uni-directional cardioid capsule for loud environments or the sensitive omni-directional capsule for high quality voice recordings.
Modular, Flexible Design
ModMic 5 introduces an ingenious cable management solution, allowing you to vary cable lengths to best suit your situation, connect to any device, or remove completely. Includes both a 1- and 2-meter long cable, along with a separate mute module.

Versatility & Portability
Plug & play ready for any PC! The ModMic line offer a USB adapter for Mac and a Y adapter for current generation consoles, tablets and phones. Includes a durable carrying case for taking your ModMic on the road!
Cable Wraps
Enjoy a sleek, elegant appearance thanks to the included cable wraps. This premium solution keeps both headphones and microphone cords in line. Prevent snags and reduce damage to cords.
New Premium Materials
With redesigned components and new materials, there?s never been a stronger ModMic. We?ve increased the power of the magnetic clasp and the quality of the cables to make your ModMic last even longer.
Patented Design
Antlion Audio designs its ModMic line to attach to your favorite headphone using a novel magnetic clasp. Simply position the clasp to your headphones. The boom mic can be attached or removed as needed. You?ll also enjoy the flexibility of the boom itself, to best position the mic for voice capture and comfort. An extra clasp comes with each ModMic, so you can even use it on more than one headphone.

Construction & Operation

All ModMics feature a patented design that marries the performance of the microphone with features that optimize comfort and utility.

As the ModMic 5 includes both a uni-directional and omni-directional capsule, you can easily switch between microphones. Choose the noise canceling mic for activities like multi-player gaming, or VoIP calls. Switch to the omni-directional mic for studio qualify recording, perfect for casting or streaming, or use with software-defined radio systems.

Dual microphone capsule specs:

Pattern: Uni-directional
Sensitivity: -38 ± 3 dB
Response: 100 Hz?10 kHz
SNR: >50+ dB
Impedance: 2.2 KO
Operating Voltage: 1 to 10V
Max current at 2.0V: 500 µA
Max input SPL: 110 dB

Pattern: Omni-directional
Sensitivity: -26 ± 3 dB
Response: 30 Hz-17.5 kHz
SNR: 58+ dB
Impedance: 2.2 K Ohm
Operating Voltage: 1 to 10V
Max current at 2.0V: 500 µA
Max input SPL: 110 dB

What's Included

One ModMic 5 head unit with dual microphone capsule
Antlion mute switch module
1m and 2m cables, each with 3.5mm jack
Durable carrying case
Two base clasps, one top clasp with cap
One foam pop filter
2m cable wrap and 10 cable clips
Extra 3M adhesives
Instruction manual

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