littleBits Electr. Expansion - Wireless

Fun with light, sound and motion

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Feel like you need a little space? Gather up your favorite inputs and outputs, connect ‘em to the wireless receiver and wireless transmitter and your world of possibilities opens waaay up – up to one hundred feet! Never before have two little modules had such a huge impact on your inventions.

Remote controlled car? Monitor your room when you’re not there? Secretly prank your friends? Yes, yes and yes! All of these are possible when you combine the right modules with this pack.

Multiple wireless receivers can be used with a single wireless transmitter, but only one wireless transmitter can be used in proximity to another wireless transmitter.

Like all expansion packs the Wireless Expansion Pack is intended for those who already own a kit or bundle. Since the wireless system requires two discrete circuits we’ve included one power module, cable and battery, but you’ll still need to already have another power set.

These packs are a great way to expand the reach of your library at a discount compared to purchasing the modules separately.

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