littleBits Premium Kit

Perfect for makers of all ages

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Exploration Series
Perfect for makers of all ages. Get started with some of littleBits' favorite modules, like fan and vibration motor, that aren't found in other kits. No soldering, wiring, or programming required.

- Over 600,000 circuit combinations possible
- Includes booklet of 10 projects and with hundreds more online
- Contains several modules that are not available in other kits, such as fan, pressure sensor, and vibration motor
- Create popular projects like a Magic 8 Balll, Bubble Maker, and many more!
- Endless hours of fun and creative possibilities

The Premium Kit was designed for those that crave creativity and includes everything you need to start designing and prototyping your own inventions, including a 9V battery, a custom made screwdriver for fine-tuning, a vibeSnap to attach your Vibration Motor and an attractive, re-usable case. This Kit also comes with a Project Booklet that provides easy-to-follow instructions for 10 amazing projects, including the Playful Pet and an update on the classic Piggy Bank. The Premium Kit is a sure-fire way to keep the creativity flowing!

Bits modules
- 1 Fan
- 1 Slide Dimmer
- 1 Roller Switch
- 1 Branch
- 2 Long Leds
- 1 Power
- 1 Pulse
- 1 Vibration Motor
- 2 Wires
- 1 Pressure Sensor
- 1 Servo
- 1 Sound Trigger

- Servo Accessories
- vibeSnap
- screwdriver
- battery + cable
- 30+ pg. booklet

Dimensions (mm): 69.9(H) x 99.1(W) x 310.0(D)
Product Weight: 1.23 lbs (0.56 kg)
Recommended Age: 8+
Storlek69.9(H) x 99.1(B) x 310.0(D) mm
Vikt0.56 kg
Included littleBits1x Branch, 1x Fan, 1x Power, 1x Pressure Sensor, 1x Pulse, 1x Roller Switch, 1x Servo, 1x Slide Dimmer, 1x Sound trigger, 1x Vibration Motor, 2x Long LEDs, 2x Wires
Rek. ålder8+
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