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SunFounder Project Super Starter Kit v3

for Raspberry Pi 3, 2, Zero W & Model B+

Varenr: 142690
Alt. varenr: RPi3SuperV3
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1.STEM EDUCATION KIT - Perfect choice for beginners to learn Raspberry Pi, electronics and program.
2.LEARN TO PROGRAMMING - Python code and C code are provided for beginner learn to programming.
3.17 PROJECTS PROVIDED - This starter kit provides a record 17 projects with diverse functions allowing for a dynamic creative experience.
4.STYLISH PACKAGING - A cool-blue plastic packaging box is included for easy and neat storage. 
5.RAB HOLDER - Large enough for an Arduino Uno or Mega 2560, a Raspberry Pi, and a breadboard, convenient for making projects.



This is a magical tool kit with various components inside for learning, which will lead you to the world of Raspberry Pi quickly. It includes 17 lessons, each containing the circuit connection, principles, Fritzing images and code explanations for you to learn Raspberry Pi from scratch. In addition, detailed introduction of the components is included in the manual and you can try some extension experiments by yourself after studying this kit.


17 Projects for Beginners

Lesson 1 Blinking LED    

Lesson 2 Controlling an LED by a Button

Lesson 3 Flowing LED Lights    

Lesson 4 Breathing LED    

Lesson 5 RGB LED    

Lesson 6 Buzzer    

Lesson 7 Relay    

Lesson 8 4N35    

Lesson 9 Ne555    

Lesson 10 Slide Switch    

Lesson 11 How to Drive a DC Motor    

Lesson 12 Rotary Encoder    

Lesson 13 Driving LEDs by 74HC595    

Lesson 14 Driving 7-Segment Display by 74HC595    

Lesson 15 Driving Dot-Matrix by 74HC595    

Lesson 16 LCD1602    

Lesson 17 ADXL345


Package Included

1 x Project Box

1 x T-Extension Board

1 x 40-Pin GPIO Cable

1 x User Manual

1 x 555 Timer IC

2 x Optocoupler (4N35)

2 x Shift Register (74HC595)

1 x L293D

1 x Accelerometer ADXL345

1 x Rotary Encoder

5 x Button

1 Set x Resistor (220O, 1kO, 10kO, 1MO, 5.1MO)

4 x Diode Rectifier

1 x Switch

1 x Potentiometer (50k)

1 x Power Supply Module

1 x LCD1602

1 x Dot Matrix Display (8*8)

2 x 7-Segment Display

1 x DC Motor

1 Set x LED (Red, White, Green, Yellow)

4 x NPN Transistor (PNP/NPN)

8 x Capacitor Ceramic (100nF/10nF)

1 x Breadboard

1 x Active Buzzer

1 x Relay

1 x Fan

65 x Male-to-Male Jumper Wire

20 x Female-to-Male Dupont Wire

2 x 5-Pin Anti-reverse Cable

1 x 9V Battery Buckle

1 Set x Screw

1 x RAB Holder


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