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DIY Arcade Fighting Joystick & Buttons

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Main Features:

1. A simple retro game controller kit which uses an eco-friendly paper box as holder for 6 arcade buttons, with control software and hardware.

2.Equipped with an 8-way arcade joystick and 6 colorful buttons, easy to assemble - joystick fixed by 4 screws and 6 comfortable plug-and-play buttons directly stuck in the box.

3.Provides a Raspberry Pi (NOT included) GPIO Reference Card, making the wiring much easier with pin number marked clearly.

4.Supports games based on RetroPie - the related drive is provided.

5.A pretty outer case fits the kit well; with simple wiring needless of soldering, just plug for use.



Retro Game Box is generally a game controller, which implements control by GPIOs of the Raspberry Pi. It comes with a pretty and solid paper box, and needs just simple assembly before easy play with comfortable joystick and concave arcade buttons. Just connect the Raspberry Pi and Retro Game Box to a monitor, and then you can play various classic retro games with this box like Super Mario, Contra, etc. The joystick on the left is for direction control, while on the right are the function buttons, same arrangement with your gamepad. Thus no detailed instructions are needed. You can play it with RetroPie for the Raspberry Pi. This amazing box can bring you the joy of retro games in childhood. Now go get one for crazy play!


Specifications. dimensions: 25.5 x 15 x 14.5cm (joystick included)


Package Contents:

1 x Arcade Joystick Kit (screws and fixing plates included)

6 x Arcade Buttons

1 x Paper Box

1 x 8G Micro SD Card

1 x Raspberry Pi GPIO Reference Card

1 x Guide Brochure

Several Wires

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