IdeaSpark Door Access Control Kit

RFID RC522 RF Sensor Module, for Arduino

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  • With Arduino kit Door Access Lock project, you can let people unlock apartment's door without a key, or modify the code for something else to do. Simply, this project gives you an opportunity to build what you want with this particular RFID RC522 RF Sensor Module
  • The sample code we provide enables the door to be closed when the RFID Tag is close to the transceiver. When the RFID Tag is far away and close to the Transceiver again, open the door.You can modify the code to let transceiver identify the unique RFID Tag,or use Relay instead of Servo Motor to control other electrical equipment
  • The RC522 RFID module based on MFRC522 IC from NXP is one of the RFID options that you can get. It usually comes with a RFID card tag and key fob tag having 1KB memory. And best of all, it can write a tag, so you can store your some sort of secret message in it.To keep it simple we are going to use Tag's Unique IDs. It's simple, a bit secure, but not hacker proof
  • Servo motor is a position controlled motor. It can easily control physical movement of objects due to its position controlled feature. Servo motor can not move continuously. servo motors rotate in angel ranging from 0 to 180 degree. they need to continuously provide PMW signal, then it will be work normally.Max Stall Torque (4.8V): 17.5oz /in,If the door handle torque is more than it,please don't choose this kit, or replace the SG90 with a better MG90S,which provides more torque!!!
  • Does not Contain Arduino Board!
  • Guidance document download link label is pasted at the bottom of the packaging box

From the Guidance Manual Catalog:
Overview: This manual describes how to make door access control device by Arduino
Step 1:Connecting components
  1.1 Connect the components according to the following diagram:
  1.2 Pin Maps:
Step 2:Import Source Code doorControl.ino to Arduino IDE
  2.1 Import doorControl.ino
Step 3: Add Library
Step 4: Verify and Upload
Step 5: Result

Package List:
1 x RFID RC522 RF Sensor Module
1 x SG90 Servo Motor
1 x 9v Battery Holder
1 x Breadboard
20 x Dupont Cable


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