8 Relay Card for Raspberry Pi

Stackable expansion card (max 8)

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Alt. varenr: MMP-1393
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The 8-RELAY card is a stackable expansion card for Raspberry Pi B+, 2, 3 and Zero. It offers a compact and inexpensive solution for adding up to 64 relays to a Raspberry Pi project.

Please NoteThe MegaIO has 8 relays plus a lot of IO functions: 8 ADC inputs, 1 DAC output, 8 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs. The 8-relay card has only 8 relays, nothing else.

The 8 Relay is 8 level stackable, yielding a total of 64 relays in one stack. You can also create a stack with up to 4 MegaIO and up to 4 more 8Relay cards.

Two of the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins are used for I2C communication, leaving 24 GPIO pins available for the user. 

8-RELAY adds the following I/O functions:

  • Eight on-board relays
  • Eight later stackable: add up to 64 relays to your Raspberry Pi
  • Command line, python drivers

Technical Specifications:

    • Relay max current/voltage: 10A/250V
    • PCB max current/voltage: 2.5A/48V
    • 10 mA @ +5V (all relays off)
    • 750 mA @ 5V (all relays on)


From: Sequent Microsystems 

Downloads: User Guides

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