ZOWIE by BenQ - EC2-B Mouse-DEMO-

New 3360 sensor

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Alt. varenr: ZOWIE-BENQ-EC2-B_D
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ZOWIE release EC-B series equipped with 3360 sensor, providing gamers with different mouse tracking feel.
Size and shape of EC- B series is the same as EC-A series, ergonomic desgin exclusively for right- handed users.
Both DPI and USB report rate switches with light indicators are at the bottom of the mouse with driverless design.
Two large mouse feet have been replaced with four smaller ones.

x Sensor Model: PMW3360
x No driver needed, plug and play
x Sensor: Optical with optimal lift- off distance
x DPI: 400/ 800/ 1600/ 3200 (at the bottom)
x Report Rate: 125/ 500/ 1000 Hz (at the bottom)
x Number of buttons: 5
x LED- lights: no on surface
x Ambidextrous: No
x Scroll wheel: Yes
x Wireless: No
x Connection: USB
x Cable length(m): 2
x Length (mm): 120
x Width (mm): 64
x Height (mm): 40
x Weight (g): 90

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