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DELTACO 17,3" Laptop Cooler, med Tilt

5x140mm vifter med LED-lys (USB-drevet)

Varenr: 145088
Alt. varenr: GAM-072
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DELTACO GAMING Laptop cooler, 1000-1300 RPM, 5x140mm fans, 2xUSB-A, 2xSupport positions, black / orange

Laptop cooler from DELTACO GAMING to your gaming laptop of up to 17.3". It is powered by a USB power cable, on the top there are two knobs, the one on the left controls the two lower fans while on the right it controls the top three. In addition to fan speed you can choose how much this cooler will cool down according to your own needs.

Overall, there are also two USB-A ports, the first USB port can only power the cooler while the other port can power but also supports USB passthrough which enables you to connect a mouse to use on your laptop.The cooler also has two different support modes for you to find the optimal angle for your wrists.

• Power supplied via USB 5V 0.75A ± 10%
• Fan speed: 1000-1300 RPM ± 10%
• 5 140mm fans with orange LED
• Two support positions
• Control the fans in two groups

Packaging contents: Laptop cooler, braided USB-A to USB-A cable 0.5m

Dimensions (BDxH): 410x295x35mm
Weight: 866g

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