ThunderBolt 3 (20Gbps) USB-C kabel, 2m

20Gbps/100WCharging/20V, 5A/5KUHD

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Thunderbolt 3 cable, 2m, 20Gbps, USB-C, up to 100W, Cypress E-marker Chipset, 5120x2880 at 60Hz, black

This Thunderbolt 3 cable by Delock is universally applicable and combines all the advantages of the Thunderbolt 3 interface. It allows the connection of different devices such as external enclosures, monitors, card readers and docking stations via a Thunderbolt 3 port of a PC or laptop. The cable provides data transfer rates of up to 20 Gb/s and supports USB, Displayport, PCI Express as well as Ethernet data transfer. The connection of a 5K or a 4K Displayport monitor is possible, as is the connection of USB 3.1 Gen 2 devices. Furthermore the cable enables the power supply of connected devices with up to 100 W.

• Connector:
  1 x Thunderbolt 3 USB-C 24 pin male >
  1 x Thunderbolt 3 USB-C 24 pin male
• Chipset: Cypress E-Marker
• Cable gauge:
  32 + 34 AWG data line
  24 + 34 AWG power line
• Cable diameter: ca. 4.4 mm
• Conductors: 8 x coaxial for SuperSpeed USB, 1 x Twisted Pair for USB 2.0
• Gold-plated connector
• Triple shielded cable
• Data transfer rate:
  Thunderbolt 3 up to 20 Gb/s
  Displayport 1.2a up to 21.6 Gb/s
  SuperSpeed USB up to 10 Gb/s
  Thunderbolt Networking up to 10 Gb/s (Peer-To-Peer)
• Display resolution up to:
  1 x 5120 x 2880 30 Bit at 60 Hz or
  1 x 4096 x 2160 30 Bit at 60 Hz
  (depending on the system and the connected hardware)
• Supports data and video on a single cable
• Supports PCI Express 3.0 protocol (4 lanes)
• Supports Displayport 1.2a protocol (8 lanes, HBR2 and MST)
• Daisy Chain up to 6 Thunderbolt devices (cascadable)
• Dual channel, bi-directional data transfer
• Power supply via USB Power Delivery up to 100 W (20 V / 5 A)
• Power supply for Thunderbolt 3 devices with bus power (max. 15 W)
• Colour: black
• Length without connector: ca. 2.0 m


American Wire Gauge (AWG)24/32/34
Egenskaper4K-støtte, 5 K-støtte, Cypress E-Marker Chipset
Kontakt24-pins USB-C - hann
Kontakt (annen ende)24-pins USB-C - hann
Lengde2 m
Nominalspenning20 V
Nominalstrøm3 A
TeknologiTrippel beskyttelse
Tilpassede standarderUSB 3.1 Gen 1 / Thunderbolt 3 / DisplayPort 1.2a
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