Chieftec 2x 5,25" bays for 3x SATA HDDs

with 80cm Fan, 2xMolex-3xSATA

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Alt. varenr: CMR-2131SAS
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This SAS / SATA Backplanes as well as the detachable bays, are all exclusively designed and made of SECC Steel that they are especially suited to keeping the HDDs/SSDs cool. The Backplane is Plug & Play compatible and supports hot swap. With an 80mm fan, even the fastest HDDs/SSDs are kept cool. The operating status of each HDD/SSD as well as the power and the activity of the fans are shown in the front of the Backplane by LED's.

- Professional Data Backup
- Hot Swap
- Plug & Play compatible
- Lock mechanism with key
- Space saving


Technical Data

Dimension (DxWxH):217mm x 146mm x 85mm
Weight:1,91 kg
Form Factor:2x 5,25" bays for 3x SATA/SAS HDDs/SSDs (3,5"/2,5")
Cooling:80mm fan
Power Connector:2x Molex
Data Interface (ext.):3x SATA
Supported Raid-Level:No Raid controller is included
Special Features:
  • Fan Failure detection LED
  • Overheating LED
  • Speed up to 12Gbps
Scope of delivery:Backplane, 3x SATA cable, set of screws, User manual (engl.)
Warranty:24 Month
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