EVGA 2 way Pro HB SLI bridge (0 slot gap

EVGA LED illumination, 40mm 2-Way SLI

Varenr: 142265
Alt. varenr: 100-2W-0025-LR
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Operating a SLI configuration consisting of two or more (EVGA) graphics cards with an NVIDIA GPU requires an SLI bridge. This enables cards to be connected together and communicate with each other. The redesigned EVGA Pro SLI-Bridges HB are designed with this singular purpose in mind. These SLI adapters are characterised by their aluminium finish and the stylish RGB-LED lighting of the EVGA logo in red, green, blue or white. 

The SLI bridge lends multiple GPU configurations a cleaner look, and this is important for those of us who would rather not enjoy an eyeful of old fashioned ribbon cables through their carefully designed system. The new high bandwidth version has been optimised to provide additional bandwidth thereby enabling support for NVIDIA's 10 series of graphics cards. Pixel-dense monitors with high resolutions such as 4K/Ultra HD and up, refresh rates over 120 Hz and NVIDIA Surround scenarios pose no problems at all. 

The SLI bridge above is designed for the connection of two SLI-capable NVIDIA graphics cards. The connector gap is 40 mm.

Technical Details:

  • Compatibility: NVIDIA 2-Way SLI
  • Gap: 40 mm
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