BenQ 65" RP6501K, 3840x2160, 450nits

Touch, 4K

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4K UHD 65”Education Interactive Flat Panel Display RP6501K

Your Caring Mate for Enhanced Interactive Learning
RP6501K is designed to tap into the dynamic possibilities of the classroom and help teachers build a healthy and engaging learning environment. Not only does the RP6501K come with the Air Quality Sensor, Germ-Resistant Screen and Eye-Care solution, but it is also installed with proficient cloud whiteboard for enhanced class participation and foster collaboration with students beyond locations and platforms. RP6501K is your ultimate interactive display to achieve a touch-enhanced, and connect entire class for a smooth and fun learning experience.

With cloud features, EZWrite 5.0 streamlines classroom discussions by making it smoother than ever for teachers and students to share ideas, notes, and opinions as if they are annotating on the same whiteboard regardless of where they are. Furthermore, with AMS service teachers will be able to access teaching materials stored in cloud storage and start the class directly with BenQ’s IFP.

Packed with teacher- and student-friendly features, BenQ’s EZWrite 5.0 is the leading annotation solution for interactive and collaborative classroom scenarios. Teachers and students can enjoy enhanced interactivity by using EZWrite Cloud Whiteboard to collect, categorize, edit, and share notes between the IFP and mobile devices.

Instant Access to the Cloud
EZWrite 5.0 allows teachers to directly download and upload files to cloud services, such as Google Drive and Dropbox. Exclusive to EZWrite 5.0, this convenient cloud access makes it easy for teachers to modify their materials and bring them everywhere.

Adjustable Screen Capture Regions and Easy Import
With EZWrite 5.0’s Floating Tool, teachers can capture screen shots of anything on the screen, including content from apps, websites, and videos from any source. They can then import this content into EZWrite 5.0 for further discussion and annotation on a brand new page.

Dual Pens for Simultaneous Collaboration with Different Colors
EZWrite 5.0 comes with dual pens that allow two users to write or draw simultaneously with different colors, making it ideal for lively classroom activities.

Brush Mode for Creative Education
EZWrite 5.0 is ideal for creative, inspired creation in art classes. Users are guaranteed to enjoy an effortless experience that feels like writing and drawing with actual pens and brushes.

Twice the touch resolution
BenQ’s new education IFPs fine-tune handwriting experience with an advanced fine IR touch that further reduces the gap between actual landing point and the point displayed on the screen. Additionally, the new series also allows teachers to create a more natural handwriting as the new touch frame recognizes a smaller radius. To avoid creating cursive handwriting by accident, the new series reduces the pre-touch distance to offer a better touch and writing experience.

Create a Healthy Learning Environment for Students
When it comes to effective learning, health matters. BenQ IFP ensures classrooms can embrace innovation without compromising students’ health by providing air quality sensor, smart eye-care technology and germ-resistant screen.

Air-Quality Sensor
Bad indoor air quality will decrease the learning efficiency and exposed students at risk of lifelong health problems. RP6501K incorporates the air-quality sensor to help monitor CO2 concentration level in classrooms, reminding teachers to adopt necessary mechanisms to keep CO2 concentration at an ideal level. The thoughtful design ensures that students can remain highly concentrated during class while enjoying a much healthier learning environment.

Smart Eye-Care Solution
The Smart Eye-Care solution can function intuitively with the help of the embedded motion sensor. For a smooth and comfortable viewing experience, BenQ IFP will automatically activate Flicker-Free and Low Blue Light features by detecting the movement of users close to the screen.

Germ-Resistant Screen
The Germ-Resistant Screen is empowered by a multilayer coating of the non-toxic, enduring nano ionic silver agent that kills most germs accumulating on screen surfaces and prevent cross-infection or epidemic in classrooms. The ionic silver’s antimicrobial feature remains effective even after thorough cleaning or long periods of use.

Nurture Uninterrupted Learning with BenQ Launcher
To further ensure uninterrupted learning for students, RP6501K streamlines the steps for teachers to start classes with BenQ Launcher. Created to aggregate all key tools in one hub, BenQ Launcher allows teachers to start using EZWrite whiteboard as well as accessing to variety input sources in a single tap without logging into their accounts. Teachers can also put announcements on the Sticky Notes. Additionally, BenQ Launcher comes with a task switcher, letting teachers effortlessly switch between recent apps and input signal sources at fingertips.

Account Management System for Personalized Workspace
BenQ's IFPs support multi-account management through NFC technology, which allows users to directly access and manage their personal system-setting, network drive and cloud storage space such as Google drive and Dropbox, by simply scanning BenQ designed NFC cards without having to enter password.

Wireless Solution for Seamless Collaboration
InstaQShare is the software designed for seamless wireless presentation and collaboration during lectures. It allows the smooth streaming of visual, audio files and Full HD quality videos. Users can also mirror and control all digital content across the devices including BenQ IFP, PCs, tablets, and smartphones, empowering contributors to enrich their sessions with a variety of multimedia resources.

Hands Free Control over the IFP with Voice Assistant
RP6501K offers an extra level of flexibility for device control through Voice Assistant, allowing teachers to control the flow of the class, such as starting the timer or searching the internet from wherever they are in the classroom. Teachers can easily control the IFP through voice control or remote control, further ensuring a smooth classroom experience for both students and teachers.

Front-Facing Speakers and External Microphone Compatibility for More Impactful Learning
RP6501K repositions the two 16W speakers to the front, offering better sound transmission that elevates the level of audiovisual enjoyment during classes. Additionally, RP6501K comes with a Mic-In port that allows teachers to connect external microphones, further facilitating an impactful and effective learning experience for students.

Parental Control
BenQ IFPs come with website control feature that blocks certain websites by configuring proxy server settings, which is useful for preventing students from accessing inappropriate content.

Instant Plug and Play
RP6501K can save you from the hassles of complicated setup. Simply connect to a PC via USB and you’re all set to deliver compelling IFP touch-enhanced lessons.


Screen Size65"
Backlight / LightsourceDLED
Resolution (Pixels)UHD 3840x2160 pixels
Brightness (Typical)450 nits
Contrast Ratio (Typical)1,200:1
Viewing Angle (Horizontal/Vertical)178°/178°
Response Time (ms)8ms
Color Gamut (x% NTSC)65%
Panel Bit (8 or 10)10 bit
Light Life (Typical)30,000 hours
Display OrientationLandscape
Voltage100V-240V, 50/60Hz
Typical (Watt)130W
Touch TechnologyIR Touch
Numbers of TouchUp to 20 Point Multi-touch
Resolution (Points Area Function)32,767*32,767
Touch Interfacex2 (USB type B)
OS SupportedWin 7, Win 8/8.1, Win 10 / Mac OS X10.11~10.12 /Chrome OS 58 / Ubuntu 16.04 / Fedora 28 / OpenSuse 15 / Android kernel version 3.10 or above
Tempered Glass4mm, Tempered Glass
Anti-Glare (AG) CoatingYes
Germ-Resistant ScreenYes
Internal Speaker16Wx2
Internal Microphonex4
Audio In (3.5mm)x1
MIC (3.5mm)x1
AC Power
Power (AC) Inputx1
Power Switchx1
VGA Inputx1
HDMI Inputx3 (2.0)
HDMI Outputx1
Display Portx1
OPS Slotx1
USB Player (Photo, Video)x6 (2.0x5, 3.0x1)
RS232 Inputx1
RJ45 Portx1
Firmware UpdateUSB/OTA
Weight (Without / With Packing) (kg)50.0 kg / 62.0 kg
Dimension (WxHxD) (mm)1521.1 x 967.1 x 136.1 mm
Wall Mounting (VESA) (mm)4 holes (500 x 400mm)
Screw M6 x 14mm
Pen Trayx1
NFC Reader / Writerx1
On-Screen Display LanguagesEN/FR/DE/NL/PL/RU/CZ/DN/SW/IT/RO/FI/NO/GR/HU/ES/PT/TC/SC/AB/JP/TH/PERS/VIE/KR (25 Languages)
Package / Accessory
Remote Controllerx1
Power Cord (By Region)x 7 (EU, UK, US, AU, TW, JP, IN)
VGA Cablex1 (1.5m)
HDMI Cablex1 (1.5m)
Quick Start Guidex1
User's Manual Electronic Filex1
USB Cable for Touchx1 (3m)
Touch Pen (Stylus)x2
Software License Cardx1
Wall MountYes
QCast HDMI Streaming DongleYes
USB Wi-Fi DongleYes

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