LiFePO4 Li-Ion Li-Pol Battery Fuel Gauge

Status Monitor, 6 V to 25 V supply, I2C,

Varenr: 146310
Alt. varenr: BQ7694006DBT
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Battery Monitor/Fuel Gauge from Texas Instruments

The battery charge monitoring system is the component responsible for determining the energy remaining in the battery. It provides information such as remaining battery capacity (mAh), state-of-charge (%), and battery voltage (mV). It minimises dependence on host processor and improves standby power.

The BQ7694006DBT is a cell Li-ion and Li-phosphate Battery Monitor designed with low power in mind, sub-blocks within the IC may be enabled/disabled to control the overall chip current consumption and a SHIP mode provides a simple way to put the pack into an ultra-low power state. The bq76920 device supports up to 5-series cells or typical 18V packs, the bq76940 works for up to 15-series cells or typical 48V packs. A variety of battery chemistries may be managed with these AFEs, including Lithium Ion, Lithium iron phosphate and more. Via I2C, a host controller can use the bq769x0 to implement many battery pack management functions, such as monitoring (cell voltages, pack current, pack temperatures), protection (controlling charge/discharge FETs) and balancing. Integrated A/D converters enable a purely digital readout of critical system parameters, with calibration handled in TI\x92s manufacturing process.

  • Pure digital interface
  • Directly supports up to three thermistors
  • Overcurrent in discharge (OCD) protection
  • Short-circuit in discharge (SCD) protection
  • Overvoltage (OV) protection
  • Undervoltage (UV) protection
  • Integrated cell balancing FETs
  • Charge, discharge low-side NCH FET drivers
  • Alert interrupt to host microcontroller
  • No EEPROM programming necessary
  • Random cell connection tolerant
  • Green product and no Sb/Br
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