IdeaSpark Smart Switch Kit, for Windows

Control electrical appliances remotely

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  • Smart Switch Kits make a switch by ESP8266-12E developed in Arduino IDE,No need to install any apps,remotely control electrical appliance in LAN via a mobile phone or computer.Remote ON/OFF,timed ON/OFF and state switching when WIFI disconnected has been implemented in the sample code.Or you can modify the code to achieve more fun features
  • [ESP8266-12E0:The ESP8266-12E is a highly integrated chip designed to meet the needs of the new connected world. It provides a complete and independent Wi-Fi network solution.Built-in Micro-USB,with flash and reset switches,easy to program,Full I/O port,Wireless 802.11 b/g/n WLAN supported and integrated 25dBm antenna,Comfortable prototyping by simple programming via Lua-Script or Arduino code and breadboard-optimized construction (23 mm pin spacing).works great with Arduino IDE
  • [Relay Module]:The module can be high or low by a jumper setting trigger,Maximum load:AC 250V/10A,DC 30V/10A,Trigger current:5mA,Working voltage:5V Low level trigger.With the power supply and relay instructions, pull off, disconnect does not shine.can be used as a microcontroller development board module, can be used as a home appliance control.DC or AC signal control,can control 100-250v AC load.There is a normally open and one normally closed contact
  • [5V Converter]:AC45V-277V DC65V-390V input voltage,high low voltage isolation,5V 0-700mA output voltage isolation.PLEASE NOTE:when connect converter and wire,don't touch any metal part on converter to prevent electric shock.Carefully follow wiring diagram in guidance document [Wire Connector]:Connect copper wire faster.3 conductor.PLEASE NOTE:in this kits we don't provide any wires to connect appliance.When you connect wire to high-voltage power supply,be VERY CAREFUL to prevent electric shock

Important Notice:
?Kits designed only for Windows OS

1) Mobile phone or computer can remote control switch in LAN(No need any APP)
2) remote see switch state in LAN
3) remote turn on switch, remote turn off switch in LAN
4) remote setup:when to turn on,when to turn off
5) remote setup:when wifi not available;turn on immediatelye or turn off immediatelye and clear on time state
6) The web status monitor display status of switch,remaining time to turn on,remaining time to turn off and measures taken when wifi is not available
7) Remote to refresh state or reset state
IF you can understand and modify the code, will achieve more fun features

Guidance Manual Catalog:
Overview:This manual describes how to make a smart switch by ESP8266 and Arduino IDE,remotely control electrical appliance in LAN via a mobile phone or computer
Step 1: Install USB-To-Serial
Step 2: Install Arduino IDE for ESP8266
Step 3: Burning Firmware to ESP8266
Step 4: Connecting Components
Step 5: Import Smart Switch code in the Arduino IDE
Step 6: Modify File ESP8266_SmartSwitch.ino
Step 7: Set the Board and Port again
Step 8: Burn code to ESP8266
Step 9: Result

AT-Firmware in Guidance Document:

Source Code:

Tools in Guidance Document:

Fritzing File:

Package List:
2x1 Channel Relay Module
1xVoltage Converter
4xAlligator Clip
2xWire Connector
1xUsb cable
20xDupont cable

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