Streetz Bluetooth headset, BT4.0, black

3 h talk time, 130h standby, multipoint

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STREETZ Stereo Bluetooth Headset, V4.0, mutlipoint, 3 h talk time, 130h standby, black

Small and comfortable headset with stereo sound and directional microphone that simplifies the management of your calls, connect the headset to any phone via Bluetooth and it is ready for use immediately. Is the need so it can be connected to two different devices at the same time and fi you receive a call for example on your phone while you listen to music on another connected device, it pauses and the call gets priority automatically. It comes with 2 pieces of different sizes of ear plug, 2x rubber parts in different sizes for the inner ear and a ear loop in plastic, everything to be able to customize the headset for your needs. Talk time is about 4 hours and the standby time is 130h. When the battery runs low, it will charge via micro USB.

• Bluetooth 4.0
• Stereo
• Volume
• Talk 3h
• Standby time 130h
• Directional Microphone
• Charging time 2h

Weight: 6g

Dimensions (WxDxH): 21x29x70mm (without bracket)

The pack contains: Stereo Bluetooth headset, 2x rubber parts for the inner ear, 1x plastic ear loop, 2x earbuds, USB charging cable, manual

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