littleBits Electr. Steam Student Set

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Bring powerful STEAM learning to your classroom with the littleBits STEAM Student Set.

  • Sets you up for 16+ hours of STEM/STEAM teaching with 8 engaging challenges, and additional companion lessons.
  • Getting started is simple with a Student Invention Guide and Teacher’s Guide.
  • Designed in partnership with educators to incorporate NGSS & Common Core in curriculum.
  • Engage students in problem solving, creative thinking, and collaboration through invention-based learning.
  • Works for classroom/makerspace instruction or self-directed learning for 1 – 4 students.

Start in a snap

Educators of every level can now bring STEAM learning to life – no experience necessary. We walk you through every step with comprehensive lessons and guides.

Raise technology literacy

Students engage with electronics by completing 8 challenges that progress in difficulty, with 10 companion lessons for educators.

Integrate STEAM learning

With the inclusion of Art in STEM, students are empowered to think creatively and design and engineer solutions to real-world problems.

Make curricular connections

The 120+ page Teacher’s Guide connects challenges to NGSS and Common Core standards, and inspires you to take concepts further.

Bits Modules

1 Fan
1 Slide Dimmer
1 Buzzer
1 USB Power
1 Long LED
1 Light Sensor
1 Button
1 Power
1 Pulse
1 Rgb Led
1 Servo
1 Fork
1 Inverter
1 Temperature Sensor
1 Number
2 Wires
2 Dc Motor (tethered)


2 Screwdriver
24 Shoes
4 motorMate
2 Mounting Boards
1 Servo Mount
2 Wheel
1 Battery + cable
1 USB Power Adaptor (US) + cable
3 Mechanical Arm
4 Screws
1 Servo Hub

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