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SunFounder Super Kit v3.0 for Arduino

DIY-sett, 22 prosjekt m/ instruksjonsbok

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Alt. varenr: SF_Arduino_Starter3
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SunFounder Super Starter Kit v3,0

1.Premium SunFounder Super Kit provides you tutorials to learn about Arduino, especially designed for the beginners to do more interesting experiments. 

2.With detailed user manual containing 22 projects, code, wiring, Fritzing images. 

3.With a RAB Holder, this RAB Holder is large enough for an  Uno(Mars) or Mega 2560(Mercury), a Raspberry Pi, and a breadboard, convenient for making projects. 

4.Comes with a packing box in elaborate design, inside which can be divided into 8 grids to store different components. 



This is a magical toolkit with various components inside for learning. It includes 22 lessons, each containing the circuit connection, principles, Fritzing images and code explanations for you to learn about Arduino from scratch. You will get to know several modules (LCD monitor, motor, potentiometer, etc.). In addition, detailed introduction of the components is included in the manual and you can try some extension experiments by yourself after studying this kit. Just get this powerful kit and start your wonderful journey in Ard!

Note: The experiments in the manual are done based on the Uno board but they are also suitable for Mega2560, Leonardo, SunFounder Mars, SunFounder Mercury, etc. You only need to connect the wire to the pin with same name in the manual. 


22 Projects for beginners

Lesson 1 Blinking LED

Lesson 2 Controlling an LED by Button

Lesson 3 Slide Switch

Lesson 4 Breathing LED

Lesson 5 RGB LED

Lesson 6 Serial Monitor

Lesson 7 Controlling an LED by Potentiometer

Lesson 8 Flowing LED Lights

Lesson 9 Relay

Lesson 10 4N35

Lesson 11 DC Motor Control

Lesson 12 LCD1602

Lesson 13 7-Segment Display

Lesson 14 74HC595

Lesson 15 Dot Matrix LED Display

Lesson 16 NE555 Timer

Lesson 17 Rotary Encoder

Lesson 18 ADXL345

Lesson 19 Simple Creation - Light Alarm

Lesson 20 Simple Creation - Traffic Light

Lesson 21 Simple Creation - Digital Dice

Lesson 22 Simple Creation - Small Fan


1 * 555 Timer IC

2 * Shift Register (74HC595)

1 * L293D

2 * Optocoupler (4N35)

5 * Push-Button (Small)

1 * Passive Buzzer

1 * Relay

1 * Accelerometer ADXL345

1 * Rotary Encoder

1 Set * Resistor (220O, 1kO, 10kO, 1MO, 5.1MO)

4 * Diode Rectifier (1N4007)

1 * Switch

1 * Potentiometer (50kO)

1 * LCD1602 Display  

1 * 8 * 8 Dot-Matrix Display 

2 * 7-Segment Character Display

1 * DC Motor

1 Set * LED (Red, White, Green, Yellow)


4 * NPN Transistor (PNP/NPN)

8 * Capacitor Ceramic (100Nf/10nF)

1 * Breadboard

1 * USB Cable

65 * Jumper Wire (Male to Male)

20 * Dupont Wire (Male to Female)

1 * Fan

2 * 5-Pin Anti-reverse Cable

     Several Screws

1 * SunFounder RAB Holder


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